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It is the strongest ever, friendly and safe, Encryption and file sharing tool, powering Cyber Defense of Corporates, Government, Non-Profit, Small Business, Professionals and Individuals against Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches.

Our Key Features

Secure Cloud Sharing

Encrypt and Share file with your clients, customers and business partners over public cloud and file sharing networks securely. 

Friendly private Rainbow file keys

500 times strong Rainbow file keys with hundreds of friendly color and font styling options make your life easier. No need to scratch your head to create strong keys when you are in hurry to send file securely.

Store confidently locally

You can store your encrypted files locally on your phone, computer or NAS. No risk of going it in wrong hands due to strong encryption at rest.

Compliant File Exchange

Share encrypted files as an email attachment and still be compliant. Also no need to download or install any application by recipient.

Reliable above military grade Encryption

Our Rainbow file keys gives you very strong protection from Bruteforce, keylogger and other cyber attacks. 6 char Rainbow file key gives you equal to 30 char legacy file key protection.

Extremely Strong and compliant Security

Due to the strength and security, you can store your encrypted files on any device, platform or network without breaking compliance laws.
Also files can be decrypted online at Rainbow Platform without need for any plug-in/application to download or install.

Our Security Model

Rainbow File Key an innovative, awarded security offered to secure files is 500 times strong compared to legacy file passwords and pins. Its friendly Style options help you create keys that are easy to use and share.

Pricing & Plans



10 file EncRyption

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    60 file EncRyption

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      125 file EncRyption

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        500 file EncRyption

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          The answers on most common Encrypt/Decrypt questions are described bellow.


          Click here to know how to Encrypt a File.


          Important files should be protected by Encrypting with Rainbow File Key. If you share file without protection, files can be accessed by unknown persons/hackers if destination accounts'credentials are compromised or if your recipient is using unsecured access point.

          Encrypt your file with Rainbow File Key. Download and send encrypted file to recipient via email or any other means. Also share File key and path to rainbow secure platform. Your recipient will use File key to decrypt file and access it. Rainbow file key is 500 times strong then your legacy password and pins for file sharing networks. Encrypted file with strong key protects from falling your file into wrong hands.

          Send your friend Rainbow File key and link: He will click on Decrypt File button and follow the instructions here

          Secure your files by encrypting them with Rainbow File Key. You can store your encrypted files any where including other online hosting accounts. Even if those accounts get hacked, your important files are safe.

          Unable to OPEN DECRYPTED FILE, my program gives error?
          Please redecrypt your file with correct File Key text and Formatting Style applied if any. Your input File Key might have been incorrect. To provide you best and transparent file security, We don't store your File Key and hence cannot give you error for incorrect entry. If your key is incorrect the file generated after decryption will be incorrect and your program will not recognize it. If needed save your File Key in rSecureNote.

          What People Say

          This is Great tool. No need to download anything. Easy to use anywhere.

          CPA at Dapper Corporation

          Simple and Intuitive interface. Rainbow file keys are very easy to set and use. I can even style it as per my choice.


          Great Security model allowing me to store files on other networks and accounts confidently.

          Project Delivery Manager